Urban Jungle, Luxury Collection Review

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I always think the buggy is one of the hardest things to buy while expecting, so some personal advice is always a good idea before making an investment!

First things first, we all have different needs. But we can often get sidetracked by worrying about not making the right choice or not getting value for money! I’m excited to share my experience with you, and hopefully it will help you make up your own mind. We were gifted the Urban Jungle Luxury Collection, and after using it for a year I’m ready to share the features I absolutely love about this collection from Mountain Buggy.

Kitty warm, cozy and happy

It’s a three wheel buggy (the wheels are puncture-proof aeromaxx™ tyres, as are all the deluxe collection). At first that looked big to me because I had previously been using a compact stroller. But once we went for the first stroll I fell in love immediately. It’s so light, very smooth and I can push and turn in any direction with just one hand, and yet it still feels sturdy and strong. Both my girls (2 and 5 year old) sit very comfortably and straight with good posture. Nap times have never been easier as the back support can be adjusted to go completely flat too. In case you were wondering, it also has parent facing options with additional accessories, but we’re past that stage so didn’t need to change things around! Still, when you buy it, it comes with the carrycot plus, satchel and a change mat in coordinating herringbone fabric.

Urban jungle™ luxury collection

I went for the Herringbone (twill weave, grey colour) as it matches with pretty much everything, but there are another two fabric options to choose from – Pepita and Nautical. It’s very easy to clean, I use a damp cloth or sponge when I need it. The luxury collection has black leather on a sleek frame. The handlebar is so soft and it can be adapted according to your height – there are 5 different ways to set it up. The lock is right up beside the handlebar, which is way easier than having it near the wheels. It comes with a bottle holder which is a big plus for me. So get your reusable bottle, fill it up and keep yourself hydrated!

Easy ride at the beach

If you’re like me, one of the first things I look for in a buggy is the space underneath. With this buggy it’s massive and the fabric is strong. It even has compartments and pockets. So I literally don’t need to worry about space or losing something on the way home from the grocery shop. It’s very easy to fold if you need to travel, but be warned, it doesn’t fold small.

Accessories are a must, especially if living in a country with unpredictable weather. For example a rain cover, the luxury down sleeping bag which provides warmth, comfort, and protection for your child (we use it all year round and it’s easy to wash), and my absolute favourite the hand muffs which are weather proof with soft lining inside (and super easy to wash). We also have the food tray. It’s great to keep the little one entertained, exploring with snacks while I go shopping. Lottie has the Freerider, which is a scooter that becomes a stroller board while attached to the buggy. She loves it and it’s easier to carry when it’s not being used. It’s a great way to move from one place to another. There are a lot of buggies that can it can be used with too!

Hand muffs
Food tray

After 1 year of walks, jogs, sand, rocks, grass, torrential rain and rough streets I can definitely recommend this to anyone. It is perfect for our lifestyle and I’m extremely happy to collaborate with them. Mountain Buggy has a brilliant project called “buggies for good programme” where they receive used MB buggies when you no longer have a need for it. They will pass it on to a person or organisation who can put it to good use! Consider contacting buggiesforgood@mountainbuggy.com to donate your buggy.

Afternoon at the park

I’d also like to mention that I was not paid to write this post, it’s a completely honest review! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment here, or get in touch on Instagram! I’d be happy to talk about the buggy and anything else you’d like to chat about.

Lottie using the Freerider

Where to find the products in Ireland and the UK?

IRE – Eurobaby https://eurobaby.com/mountain-buggy-urban-jungle-herringbone/
UK – Natural Baby Shower https://www.naturalbabyshower.co.uk/products/mountain-buggy-urban-jungle-pushchair-herringbone


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