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I hope everyone here is doing great! We have a new baby at home and we are all about setting new routines with the two girls: school runs, dinners, etc. At the same time we are trying to enjoy these precious little moments we get as a family of four.

As you know I breastfed Lottie for more than 2 years and my journey with Kitty has started from day 1. I’m not sure how long I will do it for, but as long as we are all happy and enjoying the process I’m going to continue.

During the breastfeeding period there are a few things that need to be considered while going out. What am I wearing today? Is it breastfeeding friendly? Is it comfortable? It’s actually very important to think about it – we need to be confident to breastfeed in public and have a happy baby out there in the world. We think about the clothes for sure, but what about lingerie? Is it that important?

Let my tell you my fellow mama, it is! As much as your outer layer, having the right nursing bra makes a big difference. I recently tried one from Bravado Designs, it’s called “Invisible nursing bra” and comes in a beautiful dawn colour. It fits and adapts perfectly to my body shape, making a second skin effect, and it’s wire free. I simply loved it! It comes in four sizes (from S – XL).

The nursing clips are really easy to open and close. It also has removable foam inserts for shape, which makes it easier to “hide” the breast pads for the first 3 months. The straps can be changed and the fabric is just divine, soft and breathable. I absolutely love it and highly recommend that you invest in a pair. There are different styles and colours in their website, defo a must check!

Last week it was my first solo trip into town with my 3 week-old baby (now she is 4), I was ready to do it, ready to get the bus and walk around with no stress. She started crying while we were walking around. I guess I knew it would happen eventually. Thanks to the clothes and bra I was wearing, I was able to take her out of the pram and feed and comfort her immediately. So I went to the nearest coffee shop, asked for a coffee, sat and relaxed with my baby while breastfeeding. Perfect stop also for a nappy change!

Being comfortable with a nursing bra and clothes will make a big difference for a successful breastfeeding journey. It gives us a special power of confidence and trust about what we are doing. Especially if it’s not in our comfort zone. Also, if you know the area you are going out, it’s worth a google check in advance for breastfeeding coffee shops and baby changing spaces! Better to be prepared and avoid stress while we are out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I did writing it… having a cup of coffee while Kitty is sleeping in her nest beside me!


Rosa xxx

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