Back to school with Marks and Spencer

Hello, I’m back here to give you some super tips for going back to school. Marks & Spencer, apart from having everything, (yes…!) everything your children will need, is giving us a discount of 20% on all their School range! Isn’t that fab?

I’m the type of person who likes to do everything well in advance. The truth is, sometimes I even over-compensate… but hey! Once it’s done, it’s very satisfying, and avoiding setbacks and stress is my main thing. In September class will begin and Lottie will start to go to preschool for 3 hours a day (ok, I need a moment to process this, she is actually going to school). So I took advantage of buying everything this month (to make up for forgetting completely during the summer). September will be a very busy month as we are expecting our second baby (!) so we won’t have much time. 

What do I look for when buying for my daughter? Let’s start with the most important…

  1. Quality: Clothing that lasts throughout the school year at an affordable price.
  2. Variety: With Marks and Spencer you can find different uniforms – from skirts, pinafores, pants, shirts, flannels, exercise clothes, jumpers, jackets and shoes.
  3. Comfort: One of the things that I always take into account is the fabric. For example for underwear, socks, vests, etc. I always check to see if they are made of 100% cotton.
  4. Good Sizes: I always buy tops in an extra size because we know clothes always shrink a bit after the first wash – the fitting and sizes are really accurate with M&S.





For Lottie I chose two different types of tracksuits (for her comfort). I also want her to be warm for when the coldest temperatures arrive in Ireland. I’m sure she will be playing and jumping the whole time, so comfy outfits that cover her legs to avoid bruises are essential. I picked single colour white, red and blue t-shirts to alternate during the week. And a hoodie and a set of cardigans for the coldest days (of which I  must say the quality has really impressed me).




The backpack was one of the things I researched long and hard, because in my experience they always end up breaking before you know it. The heart bagpack we chose is water-resistant (perfect for the weather in Ireland). It is dark in colour (if it gets dirty you won’t notice), it’s very good quality and it also matches the cute lunch box. It’s a tiny bit too big for her, but after we got it she didn’t want to let it go – lol -. “I’m a big girl!”

The shoes we picked are really comfy and easy to combine with anything. The first pair of fashion trainers are plain white with velcro stripes (perfect for the morning school rush). The second pair of trainers has a combination of velcro and laces. And lastly a pair of yellow wellies for those rainy days. It’s also a requirement in her school to have a pair of wellies in the classroom to go and play in the mud, how fun does that sound? It sounds like a certain famous pig she likes..  Going back to the shoes, I really like white ones! She always has a pair of white shoes and they are always our first choice when getting dressed.

A coat in this country is a must, and I couldn’t be happier with the one we picked. It’s a 3 in 1 rainbow hooded mac – the quality is incredible, it’s absolutely perfect for rainy & cold days. It will be her Winter coat but also doubles as her Spring coat (by removing the warm, thick layer from the inside).

I really hope your “back to school” shopping won’t be stressful and that it will be as nice and easy an experience as we had.

Rosa x

This is a paid collaboration with Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links. 


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