Urban Jungle, Luxury Collection Review

Hi everyone,  I always think the buggy is one of the hardest things to buy while expecting, so some personal advice is always a good idea before making an investment! First things first, we all have different needs. But we can often get sidetracked by worrying about not making the right choice or not getting value for money! I’m excited to share my experience with you, and hopefully it will help you make up your own mind. We were gifted the Urban Jungle Luxury Collection, and after using it for a year I’m ready to share the features I absolutely […]

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Welcome baby Kitty!

Hola, Después de 2 meses les comparto nuestra historia de como llegó al mundo nuestra bebé Kitty Belle! El lunes 3 se Septiembre se hacían mis 40 semanas de embarazo, yo con mucha ansiedad porque Danny había empezado su permiso en el trabajo (paternity leave, que dura 2 semanas). Por alguna razón sentía que Kitty no tenía apuros en salir. Ese día caminé 4kms como los otros 2 días anteriores. Me di la excusa de ir al super mercado con Lottie para comprar flores, estaba con el síndrome de anidar a todo dar. Esa tarde le pedí a Danny que […]

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Collaboration with Bravado Designs

Hello, I hope everyone here is doing great! We have a new baby at home and we are all about setting new routines with the two girls: school runs, dinners, etc. At the same time we are trying to enjoy these precious little moments we get as a family of four. As you know I breastfed Lottie for more than 2 years and my journey with Kitty has started from day 1. I’m not sure how long I will do it for, but as long as we are all happy and enjoying the process I’m going to continue. During the […]

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